Sharon Clark

Top 10 Pet Insurance Plans Editor



  • Comprehensive plans
  • Reimbursement system
  • Short waiting period
  • Coverage for certain pre-existing conditions
  • Excellent customer support


  • More expensive

What Do People Say About Pumpkin?

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I had a dog earlier but never bothered to buy a pet insurance plan for him. As he aged, I had to take care of several medical bills which was a lot to manage. Sadly he passed away soon. So, when I and my partner adopted another puppy, we planned to go all the way and also get a pet insurance plan that covered everything. Thankfully, every expense, every medical checkup and test is covered by them. My bulldog is now 3 years old and I never had to spend extra money on the medical bills. Thank you!

Olivia Lewis. – Pumpkin
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This is my second time writing a review for pumpkin, don’t know why the first post never got posted! Well, I never had a pet earlier but it’s amazing to have your little pup waiting for you at the doorstep every day. I got Snow as a gift from my friend and she also suggested Pumpkin pet insurance for covering snow’s health needs. The entire situation was very new to me so I called their toll free number and asked my list of questions to their representative. Their customer service team was so understanding and helpful. I am really grateful to their entire team for answering the queries and helping me choose the most suitable plan. I have never had any problems with them. I am definitely going to recommend them to anyone who has a small pup or cat!

Steve Jeffry – Pumpkin
Norfolk, Virginia