Emma Gordon

Top 10 Pet Insurance Plans Editor



  • Covers a wider range of treatments vs regular pet insurance providers
  • No age limit
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Registered Veterinarians


  • Plans not customizable
  • Up to 15-day waiting period
  • Commitment to a year-long contract
  • Capped monthly payment differential
  • Pre-existing conditions excluded from coverage

What Do People Say About Fetch?

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Fetch is the best! I took my little poodle for a regular checkup after I found a little blood in her urine. After a few tests the doctor confirmed that he had stones in his bladder and that he needed a small operation to remove them. My vet performed the surgery and my dog was back to his happy and healthy self. This was the first time I made a claim and the expenses were settled by Fetch within a few days. Thank you for the services!

Grace Lepley – Fetch
Sacramento, California
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Whiskey, my pet beagle had a fracture and needed surgery. Luckily I had Fetch pet insurance to cover my expenses. The company was extremely efficient and easy to approach. The customer service team was great to answer all my queries.

They helped me through the process and reimbursed the bill just a few weeks after the surgery was performed. That was really surprising as my previous pet insurance company took a longer time with the reimbursement and didn’t pay right amount. So yes, I was really happy with their services.


Wallace Herman – Fetch